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Whidbey Veterinary House Calls was officially founded in August 2018 by Dr. Adrienne Bennett and Julie Cathey, LVT. At that time, Dr. Bennett had owned a regular brick and mortar practice in Woodinville since 2007. Together with her husband Terry, she moved out to Whidbey Island in 2015 and endured the awful commute down I-405 to Woodinville for three long years. In 2017, the Woodinville clinic joined forces with another Woodinville based practice which was offering mostly house call services. As a result of that merge, Dr. Bennett gained valuable experience in the logistics and nuances of providing veterinary care in the home setting. She found that she could provide the same high quality medical care, but in a much more personal setting. Most importantly, she discovered that the pets she was treating were more relaxed and significantly less stressed when being examined in the comfort of their own home. 

With this experience Dr. Bennett started Whidbey Veterinary House Calls as a satellite service to her Woodinville practice. In 2021 sold the Woodinville practice to solely focus on the practice here on the island.
We look forward to a long future of taking care of your fur babies, in the comfort of your home, on the beautiful island that we all get to appreciate every day! 


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